A Kukui story

I like to share a little story that goes behind visual inspiration.
Covid and quarantine have taken a significant toll on our lives, and like many of you I was emotionally and physically drained by this horrific time. Soon after I felt the need to start living again, exploring, and getting in touch with nature. When I was presented with the opportunity to travel back to Hawaii I packed quickly and left.
30 years have passed since I lived there, Hawaii to me is not just a travel destination. My heart is deeply connected to those beautiful islands by events of friendship, new found family and love.
I was suddenly transported to this magnificent vortex of visual beauty and deep emotions.
The new journey just started and almost a year later I can still feel the amazing energy. I believe I did not choose Hawaii, Hawaii chose me.

While swimming in the ocean of the breathtaking island of Maui I couldn't stop looking at those beautiful dark shells lying comfortably at the shore and gently rocked by waves. I love how the water softened their edges and sculpted the shells into this organic fluid shape. I instantly thought their shapes would make a beautiful inspiration for my designs.
Being the professional that I am, I decided to make a search and a better understanding of the kukui nuts. To my surprise I found out that the word "Kukui" means light.  Highly revered by ancient Hawaiians for its many uses, the nut became an essential part of life, It has come to symbolize enlightenment, knowledge, and learning.
Enlightenment, Knowledge and Learning is just what I needed after the two years of darkness.
Months later the first KUKUI design was born, I'm so in love with the results that are now my favorite rings not only for the beautiful aesthetic and design but for what they symbolize.

Positive energy is all we need and for this reason I decided to bring back another great collection named "BE" I thought the two would accompany each other not only in aesthetic but to remind yourself to live with courage and positivity. 

Stay tuned for the upcoming blog on the Be square , Be straight and love triangle collection !!!!!
BIG ISLAND, Hawaii 2022